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Our products
  • TON\BNB Bridge - A bridge between networks will allow users to quickly change their cryptocurrency between networks
  • Domain Zone- User will be able to register his domain in .vws. .ain .mvp network and use it as primary name
  • SocialFi + GameFi- We have combined the mechanics of these two areas and created a unique product that allows people in chat to receive cryptocurrency for activity in it
  • VWS Game- A game where the user can build their own settlement, will be able to earn from the sale of land and real estate in the VWS
  • NFT collections- Each NFT holder has the following privileges: Earnings from fees, voting, token mining
  • Mining Token- Every telegram user can add token mining functionality per message to their telegram chat using a bot
  • AIN Token

    • Contract Adress - 0xcc7C29540BE831BEA5577Dc6AA4610cAa11Dc9Da
    • Token symbol - AIN
    • Number of decimal places of the token - 18

    For every 100,000 AI Network tokens purchased, receive 10,000 tokens to the same address and 1 special NFT on the BNB network

    New Collection - Shuttles Magic

    VWS Token

    • Contract Adress - EQBfX9KO5yIFprHWPpJp3OsX-6cjLjEJF-h5uIQE3eLJY8_h
    • Exchange Bot - https://t.me/AirdropVWSbot
    • All token holders will receive 10% VWS Token from the number of VWS tokens in your wallet.

    For every 100,000 VWS tokens purchased, receive 10,000 tokens to the same address and 1 special NFT on the GetGems

    New Collection - Planets


    • Clean lot
    • Good location
    • Rare

    New Collection - Earths

    New Collection - Earths

    Shuttle Ark Magik

    • Clean lot
    • Good location
    • Rare

    Shuttle Ark Magik

    New Collection - Shuttles Ark Magik


    • Clean lot
    • Good location
    • Rare


    New Collection - Rooms

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    1. Q1 | 2022 Creation of NFT project accounts OpenSea, Rarible

    2. Q2 | 2022 Creation of social networks for the project

    3. Q3 | 2022 Airdrop NFT on the ETH network Polygon MATIC Flow

    4. Q4 | 2022 Creation of projectaccounts on all platforms of the world Binance, Gate.io, OKX, GetGems, Float

    5. Q4 | 2023 NFT\Tokens Airdrop on theTON\BNB network Listing on DEX exchange 6 new games

    6. Q3 | 2023 Creation of two coins on theTON network Listing on Tondoge botListing on DEX exchanges Staking

    7. Q2 | 2023 Creation of two coins onthe BNB network Token Airdrop Listing on PancakeSwap Website creation

    8. Q1 | 2023 Airdrop NFT in networks BNB, Flow, ETH, Polygon, MATIC, GT

    9. Q1 | 2024 Listing on xRocket bot, xJetSwapBot App creation ICO for early investors NFT Airdrop Lottery ticket drawing

    10. Q2 | 2024 Realise of VWS Game

    11.Q3 | 2024 Listing on MEXC, BingX, Gate, Bitmart, Ston.fi 2 new games mini-games

    12. Q4 | 2024 Create our own Domain zone Alpha version TON/BNB bridge App developing Updating the roadmap